Trust flow和Citation Flow是majestic的两个重要参数。


Trust Flow represents the quality of links that point to URLs and websites. A web page with higher Trust Flow than Citation Flow will usually have good-quality links.

Citation Flow is a score which reflects the quantity of links that point to any given website. Citation Flow does not care whether a link is of good-quality, or poor quality.

Citation Flow represents an evolutionary leap from our old metric – ACRank – and predicts how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it. Links are now not all created with equal weight – and because a strong link will have a relatively stronger influence on URLs, Citation Flow is based on stronger, iterative mathematical logic than the old metric of ACRank.


ACRank is a very simple measure of how important a particular page is by assigning an integer value from 0 (lowest) to 15 (highest) depending on number of unique referring external root domains.

ACRank has now been replaced with Citation Flow, providing a more sophisticated measure of link quantity.

Trust Flow衡量的Link的质量,citation flow衡量的是引用的数量。

Brian Dean的理解

Brian dean关于Trust Flow是seed instance的认识是对的,官网解释:

Trust Flow is the same calculation as Citation Flow, but we only START with domains that we know were created and curated by humans. I won’t go into detail about how these sites were initially selected, but there are hundreds of thousands and they have been peer reviewed. From:




TF/CF ratio of 1 to 2 is good. If the website has a TF score of 20 and a CF score of 75, it would be considered a spam website despite the high metrics. On the other hand, a website that has a TF score of 17 and a CF score of 24 would be viewed as more trustworthy and will not trigger a penalty if it links to your website.

Each score is specific to one of the 800+ categories of the Majestic Taxonomy.