Rankmath有一个自带的Instant Indexing,也可以提交URL,而且是全自动的,不需要自己配置API。实际上这个是提交给Bing和Yandex的,并不是Google的。


You need to get your website & all your web content indexed in order to drive traffic from organic search, indexing the content in a timely manner is an essential part of WordPress SEO. Without indexing, search engines won’t be able to find your website, which means your site won’t rank, and no one will find it on search results. And, if it happens, you’ll lose the potential traffic that could be converted into leads and customers.

Rank Math’s Instant Indexing allows you to submit your URLs to IndexNow-enabled search engines and helps you to index your website and its content, even without configuring your site with any of these webmaster tools. Let’s see how the IndexNow feature helps you to instantly submit URLs to Bing and Yandex.